Managing Notifications

2. Understanding and Managing Notifications

Understanding and Managing Notifications

EzUptime offers a variety of notification methods to keep you informed about your website’s status. This guide will help you understand and manage these notifications effectively.

Notification Methods

  1. Email Notifications

    • Setup: Go to the notifications settings and add your email address.

    • Usage: You will receive email alerts for any status changes in your monitors.

    • Ensure Delivery: Add to your contacts list to ensure the emails always hit your inbox.

  2. Pushover Notifications

    • Setup: Follow the Pushover setup guide to configure Pushover notifications.

    • Usage: Get real-time alerts on your Pushover-enabled devices.

Managing Notification Preferences

  1. Access Notifications Settings

    • Navigate to your account settings and click on the “Notifications” tab.

  2. Add or Remove Notification Methods

    • Add: Click on “Add Recipient” and choose the notification method. Enter the required details (e.g., email address, Pushover User Key).

    • Remove: Click on the delete icon next to the recipient you want to remove and save your changes.

    • Change: Edit the recipient (email or Pushover) details and click save. Note that you cannot change the recipient type.

  3. Set Notification Conditions

    • Down Alerts: Receive alerts when your website goes down.

    • Up Alerts: Get notified when your website is back up.

    • Frequency: Choose how often you want to receive notifications for repeated alerts.

Notification Priority

Currently, all Pushover notifications are set to high priority by default. This ensures that you receive timely alerts for critical status changes.

Customizing Notifications

While the current setup provides essential notification features, future updates will include more customization options, such as setting different priorities and choosing specific monitors for notifications.

Troubleshooting Notifications

  • Check Spam Folder: If you are not receiving email notifications, check your spam or junk folder.

  • Verify Settings: Ensure that all notification settings are correctly configured in your account.

  • Contact Support: If you continue to experience issues, reach out to our support team at

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